First Four

New for Fall 2019 at the San Elijo Campus!

No longer accepting applications for Fall 2019!

The First Semester Matters

First Four is designed to give you a solid start to your college experience. We've identified courses that you can use for your general education and transfer requirements -- including college-level English -- and we've created schedules that maximize your time. You will be a fulltime student and attend classes four days per week, Monday through Thursday. As a participant in First Four, your seats in these classes are reserved for you.

This is a new program for a limited number of participants. If First Four sounds like a great way to begin college, let's get started. Questions? Call 760.634.7876 or email


  • Fall 2019 (PDF) First Four is closed for this fall.

What’s Happening with First Four

We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2019.


Can anybody apply to First Four?
First Four is designed for fulltime students in their first semester of college who choose college-level English.

Can I apply to First Four if I took some college courses when I was in high school?
Yes. If this will be your first semester attending college fulltime, you can apply to First Four.

Why is the first semester of college so important?
It’s important to your long term success. By completing your college-level English class right away, you position yourself for transfer-focused studies sooner rather than later.

What do I need to do to get into First Four?
First: apply to MiraCosta College. Second: complete the online orientation and advising. Third: apply online to First Four and choose the First Four schedule that best fits for you. You will receive an email confirming your schedule, then when your enrollment appointment date arrives, enroll in your First Four classes.

This sounds confusing… is there someone I can talk to in person?
Absolutely. Give us a call at the San Elijo Campus. (760) 634-7876. We will assist you through each step and answer any of your questions.

Is First Four offered only at the San Elijo Campus?
Yes. But if the program proves successful, we hope to offer First Four at the Oceanside campus too in the near future.

Who will be in my classes?
Other First Four participants, but also other MiraCosta College students of all ages, interests, and backgrounds.

Is First Four just about classes and schedules?
It’s more than that. We’ve got other good collegiate fun to offer too. Like a chance to personally meet some of the finest professors at MiraCosta College, or an opportunity to learn about potential careers, or hear about the best ways to study and succeed in your classes.

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