MiraCosta College Intramural SPORTS

The MiraCosta Intramural Sports program offers sports events that are free for all MiraCosta students and staff members. Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for students and staff to come and participate, meet new people and have an opportunity to stay active. 

Contact Information

Director - Patrick Conahan
Phone - 760.757.2121 x6242

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in an Intramural event?

To participate you simply have to pick an event, get the registration information from the IM office or the website, and ask other students or staff to be on your team.  Once your team is formed you need to turn your registration form into the IM office so that we can plan the event appropriately. 

What if I don't know anyone here at MiraCosta and can't find a team?
If you can't find a team we encourage you to ask a few people in your classes.  If you still have trouble just email the program director and we will do our best to help you find a team.

What is the time commitment to participate in an event?
All of our events are 1-day events that last roughly two hours. Once the event is over there is no other time commitment.  The only time commitment is finding your team and the actual tournament.

Does it cost money to play?
No. Intramurals are FREE for all students and staff of MiraCosta College.

Do I have to be good at the sport to participate?
No, we accept all skill levels.  Depending on the size of the tournament you will probably have to play against some people that have more experience and some people that have less experience.  Intramurals are about participation, enjoying the sport and meeting people while staying active.  We welcome all students to come out and try a new sport.

If you have any further questions please contact program director Patrick Conahan.

The Intramural Spirit of Play

"Team sport activities find their origin in the basic human need for the spirit of play. Winning and losing are mere outcomes of this spirit. Abusive language towards officials and manipulation of the rules are "not part of the game." What is part of the game is the pure satisfaction of participation, getting fit and enhancing friendships. Without your opponent, you have no game, no contest, and no fun. You are indebted to them, as they are to you. The spirit of play then is based on cooperation. Upholding high standards of integrity and fair play acknowledges this idea of cooperative play. All players are encouraged to exercise good judgment in caring for the safety of others as well as themselves. The goal of lifetime sports for all players may have more meaning than that of a win or loss, the memory of which often fades quickly. All players are asked to participate within the context of this spirit of play."

Upcoming Schedule

The Intramural Sports schedule includes more than 40 events that are FREE for enrolled MiraCosta College students. Offerings include hiking, kayaking, soccer, basketball, volleyball, flag football and more. If you have any questions on how to get involved please contact us directly at pconahan@miracosta.edu or 760.757.2121 x6242.