Estimated Cost of Attendance FOR F-1 Students

International students applying to MiraCosta College are required to show sufficient funds to study and live in the United States before receiving a SEVIS I-20 form. The following outlines how the MiraCosta calculates the estimates for international students to study and live near the college. These estimates are for planning purposes only. To find current MiraCosta tuition and fees, please visit the Student Account website.

Based upon 2018-2019 Academic year (August-May)

Tuition and Fees* (Nonresident Tuition is based on 12 units per semester at $258 per unit)

Estimated cost for 12 academic units which is the minimum requirement for international students each fall and spring semester ($304 x12 units x 2 semesters)

Room and Board (estimated)
Estimated cost for $900 per month for host family placement for 9 months, plus $300 per month for additional food, plus additional $650 for supplies. Visit our Housing Information webpage for information on how to find a host family placement service. 

Transportation (monthly bus pass)
Estimated for cost of monthly public bus pass with a MiraCosta student I.D. card.  ($44 x 9 months)

Health insurance (estimated)
Health insurance is MANDATORY for all international students.

TOTAL: $24,000

F-1 visa regulations require international students to show proof of financial support equivalent to one year’s estimated fees.  This estimate show a MINIMUM AMOUNT students and sponsors must be prepared to pay for each year a student is attending school.  Actual expenses will depend upon housing options, number of classes students take, and personal spending habits.  While attending MiraCosta College, students are expected to continue to pay all expenses --- educational and personal --- to maintain F-1 visa status.  Work options for international student will not replace the need for full financial support while attending school.   

Registration and payment of fees

Comparison of Tuition and Application Fees at Community Colleges as of January 2018

  MiraCosta College Diablo Valley College Irvine Valley College Pasadena City College Santa Barbara City College Santa Monica College
Per Unit Tuition $280 $300 $321 $294 $331 $355
Application Fee $0 $50 $54 $40 $50 $75

MiraCosta charges lower per unit tuition than most community college in California and is one of only a few colleges that does not charge an application fee.