How to Add a Permission Number

Note: If you are already waitlisted in a class and have received a permission number, please, do not delete the class. Instead, follow the steps listed below to re-add the waitlisted class with the permission number.

At the SURF home webpage, select the Log In tile.

At the Student Center screen, select the Manage Classes tile.

Option 1: add a permission number from the beginning.

FIRST: search the classes.

On the left pane select Class Search and Enroll.

Select the respective semester.

Search the respective class for which you received the permission number.

Select the option bar of the respective waitlisted class to continue.

SECOND: add the Permission Number and enroll.

Note: If the waitlisted class is listed in your Shopping Cart, follow Option 2 steps.

Option 2: add a permission number from your Shopping Cart.

On the left pane select Shopping Cart.

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