How to Enroll Linked Classes

Note: Linked/combined classes MUST be added to the shopping cart first; then you may enroll simultaneously.

At the SURF home webpage, select the Log In tile.

At the Student Center screen, select the Manage Classes tile.

FIRST: search the classes.

On the left pane select Class Search and Enroll.

Select the respective semester.

Search the linked/combined classes.

Select the respective option bar of the linked/combined classes to continue: ex. ENGL 52 #2262 and ENGL 100 # 1297.

SECOND: add the lower level class to the Shopping Cart, ex. ENGL 52, # 2262.

THIRD: add the higher level class to the shopping cart, ex. ENGL 100, # 1297.

FOURTH: access the shopping cart, and enroll.

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