Classes with Zero or Low Cost Textbooks

What is Zero Cost Textbooks (ZCT) and Low Cost Textbooks (LCT)?

ZCT classes typically use no-cost digital textbooks and homework systems. ZCT classes may have optional print texts that are not free; ZCT classes may also have other required materials such as lab supplies, calculator, test forms, etc. which are not free. LCT-designated classes use course materials which may be purchased new for $40 or less at the MiraCosta bookstore.

In SURF, all ZCT and LCT classes are marked with these logos:

Zero textbook cost logo     

You may click here to view a list of all ZCT and LCT or you may follow the steps below to search them in SURF.

How to SEARCH classes with ZERO or LOW COST Textbooks:

At the SURF home webpage, select the Log In tile.

At the Student Center screen, select the Manage Classes tile.

On the left pane select Class Search and Enroll.

On the right pane in the Search For Classes text box enter specific keyword(s) for immediate retrieval of courses, for example course title, topic, subject and catalog number, or class number.

A list of Math classes will populate.

You may select the respective class to continue or you may repeat the search steps for a different class.