English and ESL Course Sequence

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ENGL 52 100 ENGL 50 ENGL 49 ENGL 100 ENGL 201 ENGL 202 Multilingual 100 ACE and ESL 149 Info for Placement Guidance ACE and ESL 150 Info for Placement Guidance

Learning Options

Highly Supported English 52 (HSE)

Highly Supported English 52 (HSE) is a two unit course taught by the same English 100 instructor, providing additional instruction in an intensive workshop setting.

HSE offers you more opportunities to receive one-on-one instructor interaction and more attention to peer review and collaborative learning.

HSE inspires you to take responsibility for your learning, supports assignments in English 100, and improves organization and time management skills.

All students who have not completed English 50 can choose to enroll in HSE.

English 100 to Support Students from Multilingual Backgrounds

These sections of English 100 are specially designed to meet the needs of students from multilingual/ESL backgrounds. The instructors assigned to these courses have additional training to teach composition to students from diverse language backgrounds. Instructors work with students to build understanding of unfamiliar concepts as well as to address vocabulary and grammar issues unique to students who come from multilingual backgrounds. These sections are open to all students but are particularly suited to support the needs of non-native English writers. Please look for ENGL 100 sections with the class section note "This section is specially designed to meet the needs of students from multilingual/ESL backgrounds."

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Online & Hybrid English Composition

Some sections of composition courses are offered online or through a combination of classroom and online instruction (hybrid).

Learning Communities

When you join a learning community, you take two classes that are linked together with the same students. You take your English course with another content course to fulfill your education plan. The benefits of a learning community are that your two instructors overlap the lessons and assignments, so you get reinforcement of the skills and concepts for both classes. LC students say that this creates a more meaningful, successful learning experience. Also, in an LC you get to build supportive relationships with your peers and instructors as we all work together over the semester.

ESL Support Courses

The American College English (ACE) and Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) Department offers a number of specialty courses to support advanced English skill development. Often students taking composition courses benefit from electing to take other courses designed to build skills necessary for success in college-level courses. The ACE/ESL program faculty design these classes to target the skills most critical to ensure success in all college courses.

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- Our ESL 40 Grammar Review is an excellent course which provides a comprehensive review of English grammar, particularly targeting those skills necessary to create accurate, varied, and sophisticated sentences as well as the tools helpful for editing your own writing.

- We also offer ESL 80: Advanced Grammar for Writing, which is particularly suited as a companion course to English 100.

- Additional courses in Listening & Speaking Skills (ESL 20) and Reading and Vocabulary Development (ESL 30) are also available. .