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Outages/Access Denied

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Access Denied: Invalid Security Certificates

Password Errors, and Need to Know Information

Error message: "Invalid username provided"
Solution: Avoid using the Auto-fill, Copy & Paste, and/or web browser cache features because these features usually adds a blank space after the last character creating an invalid username and/or password. Instead, we suggest to TYPE each character.

Need to Know about your MCC login credentials:

SURF ID vs. Student ID

At MiraCosta College students are issued both a SURF ID and Student ID. The SURF ID is used to login onto our online systems to include Wi-Fi, and the Student ID is used for Administration purposes such as students' transcripts, etc. Currently students' ID Cards are labeled with Student ID numbers only. To convert the Student ID number to a SURF ID, replace the first zero with a "W". For example, the assigned Student ID: 07211234 converts to SURF ID: W7211234.

Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 Registrations are HERE!

Don't get left out...registration has begun!!! If you haven't already, please submit your application so you can start enrolling in classes soon...Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 application submission.

If you are experiencing difficulties in submitting your application online, please contact:
OpenCCC Tech Support at 877-247-4836 and/or via

To learn about Priority Registration, click here, and then select STEP 2.

To view the ENROLLMENT Schedule click here, and then select the respective term on the left menu. Based on your status as a MiraCosta student, you may view your assigned Group and the respective Priority Enrollment Date.

Enroll and Drop Classes Tips!

If you are having difficulties adding classes, please review our tutorials listed below:

Note: To prevent your class(es) from being DROPPED, please make the payment by the due deadline available on the Payment Deadlines Schedule (select the respective term).

I can't pay for my class(es)!

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your class(es) with our new payment system CA$HNet, we strongly suggest that you either disable your Pop-Up Blocker or add our website as an exception to accept pop-ups. Click here to learn how.

Enroll in designated classes with Zero or Low Cost textbooks

MiraCosta College now offers designated classes with Zero or Low Cost textbook. Learn how to search for these designated classes by clicking the link below:

I enrolled and paid for my class, and I can't access Canvas...why?

Normally when a student adds a class and pays for it, it takes approximately two hours from the time the class was paid to see it in Canvas. The updates to access your class in Canvas are done between 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Mondays - Saturdays. Thus, if you add and pay for a class after 7:00 PM, please wait for the next morning to see your class in Canvas. Note: no updates are done on Sundays. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Why I'm getting this error message at the Canvas login prompt?

The message above indicates that you do not have access to Canvas because currently you are not enroll in classes per respective semester. If you just added and paid for classes, Canvas will update your enrollments every two hours, except for Sunday enrollments which are added to Canvas on Monday mornings. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the Student Helpdesk

Am I prepared for ONLINE classes?

Online courses available to you via the Internet. Course content, credit, and quality are equal to that of the traditional classroom! Explore the following to find out if online courses are right for you.

Help! I have an issue with Canvas. Who may I contact?

If you have issues with Canvas after working hours and/or during peak periods, and need immediate assistance, please contact directly to Canvas Tech Support at 877.884.1673 or from your Canvas account, click Help? > Report a Problem.