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What is Surf?

SURF is an Online Enrollment and Student Information Management portal that allows our students to manage their academic activities such as:

View my Course History
View my Grades
View my Unofficial Transcript
View my Unofficial Enrollment Verification

View my Account Balance
View my Charges Due
View my Payment History
Account Service
* View my Tuition Statement - Tax Form 1098-T
How to pay my fees using CASHNet

View my Financial Aid Award Summary

View my Classes
View and Print my Weekly Schedule
View my Shopping Cart
* View my Booklist and/or apply for a Book Loan
How to Class Search and Enroll (Mobile Video | Desktop Video)
* How to Add a Permission Number
* How to Enroll Linked Classes
* How to view Textbook Info per class
* Search Classes with Zero or Low Cost Textbooks
How to Drop Classes
How to Browse Course Catalog
View my Schedule Builder
View my Priority Registration Date

Introduction Video
All About Your Degree Audit
All About the Planner
More information

Update my Personal Information
* View my Student ID Number
* Preferred Name
* Email Address and Telephone Number
* Home & Mailing Address
* Emergency Contacts

How to complete my Spartan Prep

View my Student Forms
* COE Application
* EOPS Application
* Veteran Letter of Intent (LOI)

View my To Do List
View my account HOLDS

SURF ID and Password


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