Report Suspicion of Fraud

The MiraCosta Community College District supports a culture of honesty and a Code of Ethics wherein employees are provided with information to assist them in identifying possible signs of fraud and encourages them to report their suspicions without fear of reprisal.  Please reference AP3050 Institutional Code of Ethics for more information.

The following are potential indicators of fraud and occupational fraud which should be reported on the District’s internal fraud hotline at: (800) 860-0597 or to the District Risk Management Officer, at: (760) 795-6866.

Any one of these outside agencies may also be contacted:

The District Risk Management Officer shall receive all reports of fraud. As needed, he/she shall form an ad hoc team of knowledgeable individuals to investigate all reports of suspected fraud. The reporting individual(s) name(s) will not be divulged unless and until legal proceedings are initiated. The team’s findings will be reported to the Superintendent/President and/or the President of the Board of Trustees.